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Improve your business or territory by collaborating with us.

We take care of organizing your presence at European tourism exhibitions, as well as of organizing b2b workshops and educational tours / fam trips. We also organize webinars and online fairs / meetings, create video productions for experiential tourism and accessible tourism, plan travel photography courses in the most beautiful Italian and world destinations and set up promotional spaces in the major shopping centers and outlets. Last but not least, we create experiential packages by collaborating with tourism companies complementary to yours.

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+1.000.000 VISITORS

Get not only digital but also offline visibility, thank to the many tourism fairs organized by Viral Passport throughout Europe! Promote your company with the operators who come meet us at the fair every year!


Promote your business, especially small businesses and freelancers who do not have large budgets to spend on marketing activities. Work with a growing number of potential customers on our platform.


Network with other companies thanks to the numerous activities you can find on the portal and benefit from promotion activities for the territory and local micro-tourism.


Propose tourist packages to Tour operators wich are our partners, in synergy with the other activities registered in the circuit. The packages will be validated and guaranteed (travel insurance) by our tour operator, thus freeing your company from additional charges.



  • 1  Choose your plan
  • 2  Register your business
  • 3  Find new partners and open business groups
  • 4  Create packages with them



  • Free registration to the site
  • Possibility to find other operators registered on the VP circuit
  • Possibility to do networking, create group chats with other operators and create experiential tour packages (limitated features and number of packages that can be activated)





  • *Freemium services
  • Do networking, create group chats with other operators and create packages without restrictions
  • Publication of 3 annual dedicated posts on VP's social networks
  • one annual article published on the Viral Passport blog and shared on social media + generic newsletter





  • *Premium services
  • Publication of 6 Annual Posts on VP's social networks (excluded Ads)
  • Dedicated NEWSLETTER
  • 1 page is dedicated to you in the seasonal fairs catalogue
  • Integration of a booking engine on your website
  • 10% discount for Business Fairs



Our Virtual Exhibitions

Exhibit with us at fairs


Big Data

We offer you the contacts collected during tourism fairs. Since the data are collected during important sector events, the contacts are extremely targeted. You can choose whether to buy them all or buy only those collected at a specific event and / or related to a specific geographical area and / or age range.


Desk exhibitor

This solution provides the opportunity to display your paper material (posters, A5 brochures, possibly in vertical format) to give visibility to your structure on the Viral Passport counter which will represent Italy in tourism fairs throughout Europe. An excellent solution for those who want to spend little and still be present.



This solution provides the possibility of having 1 or more pages dedicated to your activity in our catalogue, divided by region, and has a very good quality-price ratio. The cost refers to the entire exhibition season and includes the distribution of paper material during fairs, as well as the digital distribution of material after the fair on a monthly basis. The presence in the catalog guarantees, based on the number of pages chosen, the acquisition of visitors' contacts useful for newsletters, offers and presentation of your tourism business. Furthermore, the translation in all languages is guaranteed.


Desk + Backdrop

This is definitely the solution with the highest impact and ensures an almost certain success, in the short, medium and long term. Your business has its own desk and its own backdrop (3 meters high x 1.50 meters wide) which is customized with graphics created by us and previously agreed with you. We also guarantee the transportation of your paper material to the fair and 1 pass per exhibitor. All without additional costs. With this formula the presence of 1 representative of your company is warmly recommended, in order to achieve the best results and advise the potential customer in the best possible way.


Dedicated space in exhibition catalogues

1 page + 25% 199

1 page in the catalogue

25% of contacts generated by Big Data

Price valid for the entire season

2 pages + 50% 299

2 pages in the catalogue

50% of contacts generated by Big Data

Price valid for the entire season

3 pages + 75% 399

3 pages in the catalogue

75% of contacts generated by Big Data

Price valid for the entire season

4 pages + 100% 499

4 pages in the catalogue

100% of contacts generated by Big Data

Price valid for the entire season

* more than 4 pages on the catalogue + 100% of contacts generated by Big Data € 499 + € 100 for each additional page

Membership FAQ

Why is it important to subsribe ?

Our platform gives you the possibility of finding other tour operators (local or not) with whom you can get in touch via chat and/or groups with the aim of connecting and creating tour packages that you can sell safely and legally online. The insurance coverage is guaranteed by the Technical Management made available by our tour tperator partners. Today, experiential tourism is the fastest growing industry, especially if we think that travelers from all over the world have a particular need: experiencing new things! . Imagine being in a B2B fair 365 days a year and having a dedicated showcase. This is Viral Passport!

Why is it important to participate in tourism fairs with Viral Passport?

The B2C tourism fairs represent an exceptional channel of promotion that is still very successful today, despite the advent of the Internet. Imagine being able to present your tourism business in front of a targeted audience of over 1 million total visitors each year (many of whom do not use the web) who want to choose the destination of their holidays looking for what the internet cannot offer: human contact. At Viral Passport we guarantee reliability, courtesy and excellent visibility through our carefully designed stands!

Why is it important to organize an event with Viral Passport?

The organization of an event or educational tour is very functional for the enhancement and discovery of the cultural, historical, natural and gastronomic peculiarities of a territory. At Viral Passport we guarantee the presence of top-level technical personnel, each with their own specific task, and moments of encounter between local tour operators and important Italian and non-Italian tour operators. Imagine having at your disposal (and at zero cost) a filmmaker, a dronist, a photographer and renowned travel bloggers at the same time... and imagine that all of them work simultaneously on a video spot, a photo report or targeted posts on social networks. All of this with the aimof promoting one's own territory in order to make it grow exponentially reaching millions of people on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Don’t forget the importance of workshops between tour operators and local tour operators!